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Huge Sacrifice from PAK ARMY As It Voluntary Cuts Defense Budget for Development Works in Country:

Huge Sacrifice from PAKISTAN ARMY as it decides to voluntary cuts the defense budget for the Three Services of Armed Forces for a year for development and rehabilitation works in Balochistan and Merged Tribal Areas. The latest voluntary defense cut can easily be seen as the sign of Goodwill Gesture of PAK ARMY for the Best and Great PAKISTANI Nation.


The Defense Cut Amount will be used for several development projects in Merged Tribal Areas and Balochistan. The latest Goodwill Gesture of PAKISTAN ARMY received applause from nearly all segments of the society.

Voluntary Defense Budget Will Not Impact the PAKISTAN’s Defense and Security:

The Director General Inter-Services Public relation said in a tweet from his official Twitter Account that the voluntary cuts in the defense budget will not threaten the Country’s Core Security and the Armed Forces shall maintain effective response to all the possible threats faced by the country.

The PAKISTAN ARMY’s Media Wing further said that all the Three Services of Armed Forces will manage to bridge the Voluntary Defense Cut Gap with the help of appropriate internal measures.

It is a huge step from the SACRED ARMED FORCES OF PAKISTAN as the Country’s is already facing a multi-facet security challenges and all the PAKISTANI NATION are indebted to the huge sacrifice made by its ARMED FORCES.

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The Said Amount of the Cut Budget will reportedly use for the betterment and to improve the living standard of the People of Balochistan and Merged Tribal Areas.


PAKISTAN Wants to Accelerate the Shipyard Project for Gwadar, PAKISTAN to Speed up the Work on Gwadar Naval Shipyard, Gwadar naval Shipyard Work to be Completed Soon.

Blatant indian Lies:


The liar and pathetic india media is spreading lies regarding the defense cut, as the coward indians cannot do so more just by spreading lies and the world has witnessed the REAL PROFESSIONALISM of fake indian media and coward indian security forces on the eve of 27th Feb, 2019 in which PAKISTAN shoot down 2 indian state of the art fighter aircrafts in broad daylight which were trying to cross the Line of Control (LOC). 

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