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ISI To Spearhead All Spy Agencies Of PAKISTAN With The Formation Of National Intelligence Coordination Committee (NICC):

The Prime Minister of PAKISTAN has approved the creation of the National Intelligence Coordination Committee (NICC). After the creation of the new body, PAKISTAN’s Premier and Feared Intelligence Agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI is going to Spearhead and lead more than 2 dozen of Intelligence Agencies in PAKISTAN.

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After the creation of the National Intelligence Coordination Committee (NICC), Director General Inter-Services Intelligence (DG ISI) will Spearhead more than 2 dozens intelligence agencies committee as the Chairman. Now, all the intelligence agencies of PAKISTAN will work with the coordination of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

In other words, all the other two dozens of intelligence agencies of PAKISTAN will work with the close coordination and guidance of the PAKISTAN’s Premier and Feared Intelligence Agency known as the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Now, all the 20+ Intelligence Agencies will work under the Chairmanship of DG ISI.

The National Intelligence Coordination Committee (NICC) will now act as a liaison body between the different Spy Agencies of PAKISTAN.

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The NICC would serve as the mechanism to coordinate with more than two dozens of intelligence agencies of PAKISTAN. Moreover, the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NCTA) would also be the part of the new Spy Liaison body.

“Although there have been discussions about the establishment of the coordination forum, its terms of reference and modus operandi would be decided once it formally takes shape,” A reliable security source from the Security Apparatus speak on the condition of anonymity.

This is a much awaited reform of the intelligence agencies, which aims at the improving the coordination, clarifying, optimizing their capabilities and clarifying the role of the respective agencies.

Previously, the different Intelligence Agencies were used by the political parties in PAKISTAN to fulfill their nefarious political designs and they were not allowed to focus on their prime job to work on Critical National Security Matters.

It is pertinent to mention that various attempts were made in the past to establish this authority were not successfully implemented due to the indifference over the leadership of the new Spy Liaison body. However, the much-needed step has been taken now, which will really be beneficial for PAKISTAN in the years coming ahead.

Now, all the Spy Agencies have to coordinate and work under the Chairmanship of DG ISI just for one cause to Defend the Sacred Country of PAKISTAN from all sorts of known and unknown threats.

Senior Top Defense Analysts are terming the decision as iconic and symbolic, as now all the Intelligence Agencies of PAKISTAN will now work on the guidelines of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and no political leader can used them for their political nefarious designs.

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