NASR Tactical Ballistic Missile (TBM):

Since PAKISTAN official declared a Nuclear Weapon State in 1998, PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES have invested heavily in a wide range of Weapon Delivery System to fulfill some strategic and Tactical Purposes.


The Primary role of the PAKISTANI NUCLEAR ARSENAL is to refrain its coward neighbor india from taking any aggression or adventurism against the sacred country of PAKISTAN. The posture, capability and delivery of Nuclear Weapons also helps PAKISTAN to deny the advantage of indian conventional and nuclear Weapons in a potential war.

It is an undeniable fact that india is the coward neighbor of PAKISTAN and always got ambition to use the conventional war as a tool and by showing aggression towards PAKISTAN by faking the issue of terrorism against the Sacred Country of PAKISTAN. In order to end the nefarious designs of india in the region and to stop india from getting ultimate supremacy in the region, PAKISTAN has developed the NASR Tactical Ballistic Missile (TBM) or Battlefield Ballistic Missile.

The NASR Battlefield Tactical Nuclear Missile can easily deploy the lethal Nuclear Weapons to deliver low yield Tactical Strike against its coward adversary, india. The NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile forms the base of PAKISTAN’s Low Yield, but Lethal Tactical Nuclear Weapons or TNWs.

NASR Tactical Nuclear Missile MLRS Launching Picture

In other words, the NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile is designed to specifically targets the armored division and concentrated of coward indian troops and to deny the advantage of india for conventional warfare against PAKISTAN.

PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES have revealed the NASR Tactical Ballistic Missile (TBM) very first time to the world during its Test Launch back in 2011. Top Defense Analysts believe that country has started the mass production of the NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile from the year of 2013.

The NASR Tactical Ballistic Missile (TBM) is a robust Tactical Nuclear Weapon (TNW), which is capable of delivering both the Nuclear and Conventional Warhead up to the payload of 70 Kilotons. The NASR Tactical Ballistic Missile (TBM) has a maximum range of 70 kilometers and it can easily hit its predesignated target with pinpoint accuracy.

According to the PAKISTAN ARMY, the force responsible and custodian of PAKISTAN NUCLEAR WEAPONS and Tactical Nuclear Weapons, “[NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile] add deterrence value at shorter ranges… with high accuracy shoot and scoot attributes. The Deployment of NASR Ballistic Missile has also given a boost to PAKISTAN’s full spectrum Deterrence”.

The deployment of the NASR Tactical Ballistic Missile (TBM) or Tactical Nuclear Weapon (TNW) could be considered as a response of PAKISTAN to india’s Cold-Start doctrine. According to the Cold-Start Doctrine, the coward indian forces planned to launch the massive incursions in to PAKISTANI Territory at multiple sites and to deter PAKISTAN from using the Nuclear Weapons against indian forces.

It is pertinent to mention that PAKISTAN ARMY CHIEF General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa have reportedly have said that theNASR has put cold water on Cold Start.”

NASR Tactical Ballistic Missile Statement by COAS GENERAL BAJWA


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The NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile has been developed as the last resort of PAKISTAN ARMY against the indian cold start doctrine.

One of the main advantages of the NASR Tactical Nuclear Weapon (TNW) is that it is powered by a solid fuel propellant, which provides much ease to PAKISTAN STRATEGIC FORCES to keep the missile constantly on standby mode before any potential launch. This also significantly shortens the delivery and at the launch time of the missile in case of any sudden war broke out scenarios.

The former head of PAKISTAN ARMY’s Strategic Plans Division (SPD Lt General (r) Khalid Kidwai,the nuclear weapons would be only used if the very existence of Pakistan as a state is at stake. The sole purpose of the Nuclear Weapons is to deter indian aggression.

Lt General (r) Khalid Kidwai that the so-called indian cold start doctrine is basically an offensive indian limited war strategy aimed to swiftly seize PAKISTANI Territory. Hence, the development and deployment of NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile have seriously damaged the indian ambitions and nefarious designs to gain ultimate supremacy in the region.

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It is an undeniable fact that PAKISTAN does not believe in the Arms race and the development of the NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile is of purely for Defensive purposes.

The munitions used in the NASR Tactical Ballistic Missile (TBM) are highly maneuverable in flight, which makes almost impossible for present and future indian air defenses to track the NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile after it is launched at the target. This is the reason that the NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile can easily penetrate and destroy air defense system due to its very short flight, response and delivery time.

The NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile is launched from a A-100E Quad Salvo 300 mm Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). The term Quad Salvo can also be described as that there are a total of four missiles that can be armed and fired from the AR1A/A100E Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) to enhance and optimize the Operational and Offensive Capability of PAKISTAN ARMY’s Strategic Forces Command (ASFC).


One of the distinctive features of the A-100E Quad Salvo 300 mm Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) is that each system deploys four rockets and it the system is fully capable of firing all the four missiles in at different designated targets and at rapid succession.

It is a fact that NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile carries a Nuclear Warhead, but the low payload and low yield of NASR Tactical Ballistic Missile (TBM) allows the firing of missile without having any type of risk to the firing crew. This method allows the highly conventional form of Tactical Nuclear Strike against the potential enemy targets and armored divisions.

These parameters makes the NASR Tactical Nuclear Missile is a high-precision and lethal weapon that can easily be prepared and launched in a short span of time.

The NASR Tactical Ballistic Missile (TBM) also features the shoot and scoot attributes, which means that the Launched Missile has the capability of in-flight maneuverability and moving away quickly from the air defense systems to avoid counter targeting during the flight. It means that the NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile can change its trajectory quickly to dodge the incoming ballistic missiles launched against the NASR Missile.

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The high maneuverability, high speed and low apogee of NASR Tactical Nuclear Missile makes it almost impossible by all existing indian ballistic missile defense systems to track and intercept and it can also easily defeat the S-400 Air Defense System, which india might get in a couple of years.

Top Defense Analysts has been highlighted the NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile as a smart, ideal and a potential ideal counter to Russian S-400 Advanced Air Defense System, which shows that if PAKISTAN ARMY fired NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile to the concentration of large density indian troops and armored division, then no one can save the coward indian troops from humiliating and painful death in the end.

The development and deployment of NASR Battlefield Short Range Ballistic Missile are aimed at to minimize destruction by only targeting the indian troops moving towards the territory of PAKISTAN. The NASR Tactical Battlefield Ballistic Missile provides an effective Nuclear Deterrent to any potential indian plans to exercise aggression to gain ultimate supremacy in the region.

The NASR Tactical Battlefield Ballistic Missile provides a low level form of full spectrum deterrence to PAKISTAN to counter the indian conventional supremacy without escalating the conflict to the strategic level. This unique and lethal capability of NASR Battlefield Ballistic Missile makes the missile as one of the Crown Jewel of PAKISTANI Arsenal.

Technical NASR Tactical Ballistic Missile (TBM):

  1. Country of Origin: PAKISTAN
  2. Possessed By: PAKISTAN
  3. Name of Missile: NASR
  4. Alternate Name: Tactical Nuclear Weapon
  5. Class: Short Range Battlefield Ballistic Missile
  6. Propulsion: Single Stage Solid Propellant
  7. Length: 6 meters
  8. Diameter: 0.4 meters
  9. Launch System: Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)
  10. Warhead: Nuclear, HE, Submunition
  11. Range: 60-70 Kilometers
  12. Mass: 1200 Kilograms (1.2 Tons)
  13. Warhead: 400 Kilograms
  14. Blast Yield: 0.5 – 5 Kilotons
  15. Speed: 6 Mach
  16. Accuracy: 1 Meter

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