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india Braces More Humiliation As its Tactical Drone Rustom 2 Crashes During Experimental Flight Trial:

It seems that india has to get ready to brace more utter humiliation after the funny Chandrayaan 2 failed launch, which forced the clown modi to weep like a kid. Now, it’s not the aircraft that had crashed by indian top gun pilots, instead this time it’s a drone. In a recent development, india’s tactical unmanned aerial vehicle Rustom-2 crashes in its first experimental flight that leave stunned and embarrassed all the indian scientists and engineers.

filthy indian drone crashed LOL
indian drone crashed

It is the old habit of india that it always hyped it up too much for all its achievements right at the start and it humiliates in the end. Same case applied to the so-called tactical unmanned aerial vehicle months before the actual launch as india created too much hype for the drone and it also resulted in the utter humiliation of indian government and indian security forces in the end. 

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The ill-fated so-called tactical drone was crashed soon after the launch and it fell in the chitragunda district in southern Karnataka.

It is not the first time that the funny indian DRDO wants to make a low cost, yet high performance drone and it results in the humiliated failed launch. india DRDO is famous to earn defamation and humiliation not for its name, but for the whole country too.

The so-called tactical drone was developed by the india’s DRDO, which doesn’t need more introduction for its embarrassed crashed flights in the past three decades.

india funny DRDO claimed that the Rustom-2 is basically a Medium Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) Aircraft and it wanted to use the ill-fated crashed tactical drone to spy the area along Line of Control (LOC).

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What’s more funny about this failed aircraft launch that the india’s so called tactical drone starts to make strange noises in the air and all the residents of the village become scared too much.

Minutes after the ill-fated indian drone fell in the fields and changed into a huge ball of fire.

indian rustom 2 crashed drone
Frightened villagers gathered at the crashed site of Rustom 2 Drone

The Top Gun Pilots of indian fighter jets are in the news for crashing more than 30 fighter aircrafts in a single year alone and now it seems that it’s the drone turn this time. As the indian pilots have fed up crashing fighter jets, now they want to change the mood by crashing the drones.

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The funny indian DRDO claimed that the ill-fated tactical drone is capable to stay in the air for up to 24 hours to carry out intelligence mission for its coward armed forces. As per the contract,, the Rustom-2 was to be developed within three years, but not now it seems that funny indian DRDO require more than 3-4 decades minimum to ready for another test launch for sure.

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