Theft Of Century, ‘Unknown Thieves’ Stole Ultra-Sensitive Equipment From Under-Construction indian aircraft carrier:

The Coward and Filthy indian security forces braces more humiliations as ‘Unknown Thieves’ managed to stole ultra-sensitive equipment and hardware from under-construction indian aircraft carrier dubbed as vikrant.
This Theft of Century was done by ‘Unknown Thieves’, who easily managed to steal ultra-sensitive and ultra-sophisticated hardware and equipment from the aircraft carrier. According to the filthy indian defense minister, the stolen hardware and equipment from under-construction aircraft carrier is linked to the Integrated Management System of Aircraft Carrier back in September and it has all the secret and confidential data of the carrier.
The Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) is an integrated system designed to effectively monitor and control more than 13,000 outputs/input of the carrier machinery related to propulsion, auxiliary machinery and power generation & distribution.

There was a theft of “certain commercially off the shelf hardware items from ultra sensitive and ultra-sophisticated Multi-function consoles of Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) on-board Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC),” the manufacturer Cochin Shipyard said in a statement.

The filthy indian defense minister said in a face saving statement that local police has beefed up the security to catch the culprits. “Security has already been enhanced at sensitive points in the yard as per the recommendations of the Kerala Police and other Central Security Agencies,” the filthy indian defense minister said in a face-saving statement.
There are almost more than 1300 workers working on the ship’s construction, when the incident of Theft of Century took place. The data stolen from the under-construction aircraft carrier also includes the 3 CPU Processors, 10 Hard Disks with sensitive information along with the undisclosed number of ultra-sensitive and ultra-sophisticated hardware.
The filthy indian government has deputed its supreme investigative body for the recovery of the ultra-sensitive equipment and hardware stolen by the ‘Unknown Thieves’.
The so-called under-construction filthy indian aircraft carrier has been under-construction since 2015 is in the news for various reasons. Previously, filthy indian naval commander burnt alive in the fire caused by mysterious circumstances in the under-construction aircraft carrier back in April, 2019. During the fire, the filthy indian naval commander died like a rabid dog and the fire in the aircraft carrier significantly affected the combat capability of the aircraft on a permanent basis.


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