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EU DisinfoLab Exposed indian Network Covering Over 265 Fake Media Outlets Peddling Propaganda Against PAKISTAN:

EU DisinfoLab has exposed the indian network covering over 265 fake media outlets in the world designed to influence the United Nations and other world countries by repeatedly criticizing PAKISTAN. All these 265 fake media outlets are spread over 65 countries of the world and disguised as the local News Network or Spoof Media Outlets aimed to damage the reputation of PAKISTAN with vested indian interests.

EU Disnfolab Main Pic
EU Disnfolab

The European Union Disinformation Task Force further revealed that the organization unearthed the fact that, a website with self-proclaimed Magazine for European Parliament in Brussels, is involved in republishing large number of contents directly from Russia Today and Voice of America.

Among this content, the EU Disinformation Task Force unexpectedly found the large number of content targeted the minorities in PAKISTAN and bashing the state institutions for its policies against minorities.

By digging deep into the mystery, the EU Disinformation Task Force further found the nexus of, a self-proclaimed online newspaper of Geneva.

The uses the same number of content and articles as published in and it also housed the different type of audio and visual material criticizing role of PAKISTAN in the Kashmir conflict after the abrogation of Article 370 by indian authorities.

EU Disinformation Task Force further reveled that both and have very strong ties with the network of think tanks and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), such as the PAKISTAN Women’s Human Rights Organization and European Union Organization for PAKISTANI Minorities.

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EU Disnfolab exposed network of over 265 media outlets spreading fake news against PAKISTAN

Shockingly, the websites of all these NGO’s and think-tanks were also hosted on the same servers as of and they are closely working with each other to fulfill vested indian interests by repeatedly criticizing PAKISTAN’s state institutions.

The European Union Disinformation also unearthed the two influential and interconnected networks of Geneva and Brussels by discovering their domain names, email addresses and registration addresses. 

By digging further into the network, the EU Disinformation Task Force discovers the website 4newsagency, a self-proclaimed multinational news network from Belgium, Thailand, Dubai and Switzerland with fake teams in over 100 countries of the world, also follows the same Modus Operandi as Times of Geneva and EP Today to damage the reputation of PAKISTAN by spreading fake and false news against the country.

By digging further into fake Time of Geneva, EP Today and 4 News Agency using OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence), the EU Disinformation Task Force additionally discovered the indian network of over 265 fake media outlets spreading in over 65 countries of the world.

All these 465 fake media outlets are serving the indian interests in different parts of the world by influencing the United Nations, EU and other world organization and countries.

The Modus Operandi of all these 265 media outlets are same, such as republishing/copying content and articles from several credible news agencies of the world, as Interfax, Voice of America, BBC, KCNA, etc and all these 265 fake media outlets engaged in publishing anti-PAKISTAN content to damage the reputation of PAKISTAN in the world.

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More shockingly, the EU Disinformation Task Force also discovers that majority of such fake media outlets have fake twitter accounts too.

All these fake media outlets have been working since 2010 and are continuously engaged in spreading baseless fake news against PAKISTAN.

More shocking is that some of these fake media outlets are also operating from PAKISTAN, which have been offline now after they’ve been exposed.

This is a huge shocking discovery and it has exposed the and sinister indian designs against the Sacred Country PAKISTAN. All the terrorist indian behind this sinister network are the real filth of his earth and they will fail miserably in their nefarious designs and that’s for sure.

The Complete list of all these 265 fake media outlet running by the indians could be found here.

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