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india is building World’s Largest Garbage Mahal that is Taller than Taj Mahal:

india is building a new Taj Mahal and this new Taj Mahal would be tallest the previous one. Sounds odd? Yes, definitely as the new Taj Mahal is building with the help of trash and garbage of the terrorist indians. The new garbage Mahal would be the india’s tallest building by the year around 2020.

india garbage mehal
india’s garbage mehal

india’s delhi has been included by the UN as the World’s most populated capital. The new india’s Garbage Mahal occupies the area of more than 40 football grounds and the india’s Garbage Mahal witnessed up to 10 meters height per year with no end and smell in sight.

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india’s delhi is Designated as the Most Populated Capital of the World by UN:

The Garbage Mahal is building in the Ghazipur area which is one of Delhi’s neighborhoods. The india’s new Garbage Mahal has already reach to the height of 65 meters or 213 feet high, and it is only 8 meters short of the total height of Taj Mahal that is 73 meters or 236 Feet in total.

The local municipality of the city opened the Ghazipur back in the year of 1984 and the latter place reached its maximum capacity in the year of 2002 in which it has to be closed but didn’t.

The new garbage Mahal is seen the dumping of about massive 2,000 Tonnes of garbage each day. Everyday hundreds of thousands of cats, stray dogs, rats and hawks wonders and prey over the india’s new Garbage Mahal in search of food and shelter.

During the heavy monsoon rains, one part of the india’s new Garbage Mahal collapsed and resulted in the killing of two indians.

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india is Champions of Garbage:

india can easily get the title of Champions of Garbage and filth in the world. The poisonous methane gas from india’s new Garbage Mahal kills indians and made indian people sick. The entire terrorist india is populated with shits and garbage and its enough to make the indian capital notorious for its pollution.

According to the reports, the 2 indian big cities are among the world’s largest garbage producers by adding 62 million tonnes waste annually and this ratio would become 165 million tonnes by the year of 2030.

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