indian air force Plane AN-32 Crashed near CHINA Border:

More worries and humiliation for butthurt and filthy indians, as a filthy indian air force AN-32 aircraft goes missing near CHINESE border. The air traffic controller lost contact with the aircraft at about 1.00 PM and the aircraft is said to be carrying 13 filthy and cow piss drinkers on board.

destroyed indian air force an-32 aircraft
Crashed indian air force an-32 aircraft

The filthy and ill-fated aircraft was going from Jorhat Airbase Assam to Mechuka Advanced Landing Ground in arunachal pradesh. There are reports that the aircraft might have crashed due to some unknown reasons and all the 13 filthy members of the aircraft are feared burnt alive.

According to some reports, there were high ranking filthy indian military officials in the aircraft and this is the reason that have sent fire to the tail of filthy indians.

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The humiliated officers of indian air force had further deployed Mi-17 Choppers, C-130J Aircraft and AN-32 Aircraft to find the traces of the crashed aircraft.

The panic in indian officials seems that the aircraft was on board by high ranking officials and there are also reports of sensitive weapons in the aircraft as well.

It is important to mention that filthy indians have not any experience to fly the modern fighter jets and the biggest proof in this regard was witnessed by the world on the Feb 27th, 2019 in which the brave FALCONS of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE humiliated and hunt down to a state of the art indian fighter aircrafts, including the latest SU-30MKI.

All the coward, filthy and humiliated indians make themselves as the laughing  stock as indians themselves destroyed their own Mi-17 Chopper MISTAKENLY. That was the utter defeat of hindu banya and cow piss drinker hindu zionists.

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