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PAKISTAN ARMY Contingent Participates in Opening Ceremony Of Kavkaz 2020 Wargames In Russia:

PAKISTAN ARMY Contingent of PAKISTAN ARMY’s Most Feared and Respected Special Services Group (SSG) Commandos participates in the opening ceremony of Kavkaz 2020 Wargames being held being held in Astrakhan region in Russia, PAKISTAN ARMY Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) Major General Babar Iftikhar said in an official statement via official social media handler.

PAKISTAN ARMY SSG Contingent Participates in KavKaz 2020 Wargames
PAKISTAN ARMY SSG Contingent Participates in KavKaz 2020 Wargames

The head of PAKISTAN ARMY Media Wing Major General Babar Iftikhar added that the basic aim of Kavkax-2020 war games is to assess the ability of troops to cope up with different challenges and to learn from each other’s experience.

“#PAKISTANARMEDFORCES contingent participated in opening ceremony of multinational military exercise, #Kavkaz2020, held @ Astrakhan region, #Russia today. Ex Kavkaz (21-26 Sep ) aims @ assessing ability of troops to react 2 various challenges & learn 4fm each other’s experiences,” DG ISPR said in an official statement.

Arch Enemy of Both PAKISTAN and CHINA Runs Away From Kavkaz-2020:

The arch rival and arch enemy of both iron brothers PAKISTAN and CHINA has reportedly runs away due to the fear and the presence of PAKISTAN and CHINESE Troops in the games.

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It is the old habit of indian armed forces that they always try to avoid any international military event, including wargames and military exercises, in which PAKISTAN and CHINA also participated.

What is Kavkaz-2020 Wargames?

The Kavkaz-2020 Wargames also known by other names as Caucasus 2020, will feature the large scale multi-dimensional military exercises spread across the different Russian regions of Kapustin Yar, Prudboi, Astrakhan Region, Nikolo-Aleksadrovskii and number of air training schools.

The latest edition of Russian Kavkaz-2020 wargames would a multinational endeavor.

A total number of 18 different countries are participate in the large scale military drills, including PAKISTAN, CHINA, TURKEY, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Mongolia, South Ossetia, Russia, Belarus and Armenia.

Top Defense Military Experts said that this year’s military drills, include the rough and tough military training demonstration and all the participants will have the golden opportunity to demonstrate their advanced training, highest military standards, military hardware and technology.

It is pertinent to mention that the contingent of PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES also participated in the Russian Military Exercise named as T-Center 2019.

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