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JF-17 Block 3 New Engine RD-93MA Undergoes Thermal Chamber Tests At UEC-Klimov:

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) has selected the new and enhanced RD-93MA Engine to power its JF-17 Block 3 4.5++ Generation Aircraft. According to Russia’s United Engine Corporation (UEC-Klimov), the new Engine meant for PAF JF-17 Block 3 undergoes Thermal Chamber Tests confirm simulated flight conditions and high-speed characteristics of the engine under excessive load.


The company has further added that if the Thermal Chamber Test went successful, then it will be possible for the company to proceed to another step toward flight design tests.

United Engine Corporation (UEC-Klimov) has further added that the tests of the large thermal pressure chamber will be held as the experimental design work on PAKISTAN’s newly selected RD-93MA Engine.

The RD-93MA, selected by the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE, is the improved and enhanced version of the RD-93 Engine and it features 9300 kgf thrust, automatic power plant, increased thermodynamic parameters, larger fan, improved operational characteristics and an emergency start mode.

The increase in one ton thrust to weight ratio will boost the overall power of JF-17 Block 3 to equip with more lethal munitions, missiles and it will also help the aircraft to fly at higher speed than the previous version of RD-93.

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“The RD-93MA engine is distinguished by improved operational characteristics, increased thermodynamic parameters, a larger fan and an upgraded automatic power plant control system. The main engine parameters are also enhanced- the assigned resource and thrust, an emergency engine start mode is provided, and the possibility of emergency fuel drain is realized.” UEC-Klimov said in a statement.

“All this is due to the specifics associated with the possible use of the power plant on a single-engine aircraft, which entails additional safety requirements,” statement added.

“The start of testing was preceded by a long preparatory phase. During 2018-2019 design documentation was handed over to manufacturing plants, production was organized in a new cooperation structure, engine models of the RD-93MA were developed and a new engine “harness” was manufactured. In addition, tests of the VK-100-1MK turbo-starter in the TsIAM heat chamber according to confirmation of high-altitude launch were conducted. Prototypes of the BARK-93MA (automatic engine control system) were made and much more,” statement concluded.

The statement released by the United Engine Corporation UEC-Klimov clearly suggests that the company has designed the engine for potential foreign customer. It clearly implies that the proposed RD-93MA Engine is designed for CHINA and PAKISTAN, as Russia don’t operate a single engine jet in its inventory.

According to the details, PAKISTAN’s All Weather Ally and Brother CHINA has initially ordered 100 numbers of RD-93MA Engines with the option of more engines is still on hold.

The JF-17 Block 3 is a PAKISTAN’s next generation combat aircraft that is built, equipped and armed in par with the US F-16V combat aircraft.

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PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) has already chosen the CHINESE KLJ-7A Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar for its indigenous Block 3 variant.

First Maiden Flight Of Cutting-Edge JF-17 Thunder Block 3
JF-17 Thunder Taking Off Maiden First Flight

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE is expected to induct the 20-25 Numbers of JF-17 Block 3 Combat Aircraft in its arsenal during sometime in 2020-21 at the earliest.

A large number of countries have shown great interest in JF-17 Block 3 and PAKISTAN may have found several potential customers for its next generation combat fighter aircraft.

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