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PAKISTAN Confirmed the Delivery of 6th SAAB Erieye AEWACS Aircraft:

The annual yearbook for the year of 2017-2018 of the PAKISTAN Ministry of Defense Production (MoDP) confirmed that PAKISTAN has taken the delivery of 6th SAAB 2000 Erieye AEWACS (Airborne Early Warning and Control System) Aircraft from Swedish Defense Giant SAAB.

PAKISTAN gets 3 Additional SAAB Aircrafts from Sweden
PAKISTAN gets 3 Additional SAAB Aircrafts from Sweden

It is important to mention that that Directorate General of Defense Purchase (DGDP) has ordered the 6th SAAB 2000 Erieye AEWACS Aircrafts from Sweden for an amount of $94.95 Million in 2017-2018.

The Report of the Public-Import registries indicates that the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has started the induction of its Sixth SAAB 2000 Erieye AEWACS Aircraft in April 2018 and the deliveries took one year to conclude in April 2019. PAKISTAN initially procured the three SAAB 2000 AEWACS Aircrafts that was further integrated in to additional Erieye based AEWACS Aircraft in November 2018.

The Ministry of Defense Production of PAKISTAN (MoDP) confirmed that the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE now owned a total number of Six SAAB Erieye AEWACS Aircrafts. 

It is important to mention that the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE initially wants to purchase a total number of 6 SAAB Erieye Airborne Early Warning And Control System Aircrafts from Sweden. However, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE trimmed the order of 6 SAAB AEWACS Aircrafts to 4 in 2006 due to financial constraints due to the disastrous earthquake that struck PAKISTAN’s Northern Areas in 2005.

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The total amount of the contract was closed at a whooping $1.15 Billion. But that deal also includes the other preliminaries as logistics, basic training, spare parts and other costs. However, the cost of one single SAAB Erieye AEWACS Aircraft was about $93 Million as outlined by the PAKISTAN’s Ministry of Defense Production (MoDP).

In order to recover from the indian state sponsored terrorist attack on PAKISTAN’s Karachi Based Minhas Air Base in 2012. The indian state sponsored terrorists managed to cause heavy damage to PAKISTAN AIR FORCE’s SAAB AEWACS Aircraft before dispatched to hell.

After assessing the initial damage, the Engineers and Technicians contacted the SAAB Support Center for repairing the AEWACS Aircraft. SAAB sent its team of Engineers and technicians to PAKISTAN to assess the damage. After thorough Examine, the SAAB Technical Team declared that the AEWACS has been completely destroyed and it cannot be repaired.

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The Engineers, Scientists and Technicians of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE did not lose hope and instead they began to construct the extensive Support Base for the SAAB 2000 Aircrafts.

The hardworking, professional and motivated Engineers and Technicians of the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE began to repair the so-called fully damaged AEWACS Aircraft at the Extensive Support Base. After spending busy days in the base, the Engineers, Scientists and Engineers miraculously managed to fully repair the damaged Aircraft, which was certified by SAAB Technicians and Engineers that it can’t be repaired.

When the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE contacted the SAAB and told them that We have managed to repair the Aircraft, then it was the shocking news for the SAAB technicians as they have already declared that the aircraft cannot be repaired.

All the SAAB Designers, Engineers and Technicians were amazed and surprised at the Highest Professional Skills of PAF Technicians and they declared PAKISTAN as an officially Only Certified Country in the world to repair state of the art SAAB AEWACS Aircrafts.

Notably, the SAAB Company has now introduced the more modern version of the SAAB AEWACS Aircrafts with the latest Erieye ER radar, which also costs less than $95 Million. However, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE successfully managed to integrate the SAAB 2000 Aircrafts with the Erieye to save cost and the PAF now operates up to 6 numbers of Erieye based SAAB AEWACS Aircrafts in the country’s Airspace.

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The Erieye is basically a Gallium Nitride (GaN) based detection system and it also features the 70% increase in the detection range.The PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has not yet shown interest in the Erieye ER Detection system, which is considered as the big brother of Erieye Radar, but the  procurement plans of this low-cost and high-productivity detection system is not out of the table.

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