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PAKISTAN Ordnance Factories Reveals Three New Firearms as PK18 Assault Rifle, PK21 Submachine Gun And POF-10 Handgun:

The PAKISTAN Ordnance Factories (POF) is PAKISTAN’s biggest Arsenal and Weapons Manufacturing Industry is fulfilling the requirement of the local industry and also exports weapons abroad to different countries. In a recent development, PAKISTAN Ordnance Factories have inducted a total number of three new firearms in its arsenal. The name of these three firearms are POF-10 Pistol, PK21 Submachine Gun (SMG) and PK 18 Assault Rifle (AR).

PAKISTAN Ordnance Factories (POF) PK18 Assault Rifle:

According to the specifications given by the PAKISTAN Ordnance Factories (POF), PK18 Assault Rifle is a 7.62 x 51 mm lightweight bolt rifle equipped with 20 round magazine. Each PK18 Assault Rifle is fully optimized to mount different weapons sights as thermal, optimal mechanical. The POF PK18 Assault Rifle is designed and optimized for fully automatic and semi-automatic fire, which can fire from any shooting position.

POF PK18 Assualt Rifle (AR)
POF PK18 Assault Rifle (AR)

The POF PK18 Assault Rifle comes retractable and adjustable butt-stock and butt-stock can easily be configured with different body armor, load bearing capacity and body sizes. The POF PK18 Assault Rifle features the Easy Filed Stripping, which allows the user to easily mount and dismount weapon as per the requirements.

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The Total Weight of the POF Assault Rifle PK18 is about 3.8 Kilograms and the weight of its sling is about 180 Grams in total. The weight of 20 bullets capacity loaded magazine is 660 Grams, while the empty weigh around 165 Grams in total.

The overall dimension of the POF PK18 Assault Rifle is up to 955 mm. Its overall height is 225 mm., while its total width is 55 mm in total. As far as the firing Characteristics of the POF PK18 Assault Rifle is Concerned; the PK18 Assault Rifle is a Gas Operated Rifle and it has a Muzzle Velocity up to 780-820 m/Sec.

The maximum rate of fire of the POF PK18 Assault Rifle is 500-600 RPM and it has the minimum effective range up to 400 meters and 600 meters is the maximum effective range. The PK21 Gun has an Accuracy up to 600 Meters with Optical Sight and 400 Meters with Mechanical Sight with >3.5 Minutes of Angle (MoA). One of the distinctive features of the POF PK18 Rifle is that MIL-STD 103 Picatinny rail to carry different accessories like Thermal Sights, Optical Sights and vertical grips.

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Full Specifications of POF PK18 Assault Rifle:

  1. Mode of Operation : Gas Operated
  2. Calibre : 7.62 x 51 mm
  3. Total Weight of Rifle : 3.8 KG
  4. Weight of 20 rds Empty Magazine : 165 Grams
  5. Weight of 20 rds loaded Magazine : 660 Grams
  6. Overall Dimension with Flush Rider : 955 mm
  7. Overall height of Rifle : 225 mm
  8. Overall Width of Rifle : 55 mm
  9. Rate of Fire : 500 – 600 RPM
  10. Minimum Effective Range : 400 meters
  11. Maximum Effective Range : 600 Meters
  12. Muzzle Velocity -Vo : 780 – 820 m/sec
  13. Accuracy with Optical Sight : 600 Meters with < 3.5 Minutes of Angle (MoA)
  14. Accuracy with Mechanical Sight : 400 Meters with < 3.5 Minutes of Angle (MoA)
  15. Mode of Fire: Full Auto, Semi-Automatic and Safety
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On the other side, the company has given limited details for the PK21 Submachine Gun and POF-10 Pistol.

PAKISTAN Ordnance Factories (POF) PK21 Submachine Gun (SMG):

The PK21 Submachine Gun is basically a 7.62 x 39 mm Submachine Gun (SMG).

POF PK18 Assualt Rifle (AR)
POF PK21 Submachine Gun (SMG)

It resembles the Russian Variant of Kalashnikov, although PAKISTAN Ordnance Factories named it as AK-103.


PAKISTAN Ordnance Factories (POF) POF-10 Handgun:

As far as the POF-10 Pistol is concerned, no details are given by the company for this indigenously manufactured pistol.

POF-10 Pistol
POF-10 Pistol

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