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Steel Cutting Ceremony of Two State of the Art Type 054A Frigates For PAKISTAN NAVY Held in CHINA:

More Blessings to the Great PAKISTANI Nation as the Steel Cutting Ceremony of Two State of the Art Type 054A Frigates being built for PAKISTAN NAVY held in CHINA. The Official Steel Cutting Ceremony for PAKISTAN NAVY’s Two Warships held at the Hudong Zhongua (HZ) Shipyard in CHINA.

From PAKISTAN CHIEF Naval Overseer (CNO) CHINA Commodore Azfar Humayun of PAKISTAN NAVY and from CHINA, President CHINA Shipbuilding Trading Company (CSTC) jointly performed the steel cutting ceremony of Two state of the art Frigates for PAKISTAN NAVY.

Steel Cutting Ceremony of PAK NAVY Two Type 054A Frigates Held in CHINA
Steel Cutting Ceremony of PAK NAVY Two Type 054A Frigates Held in CHINA

The Chief Guest of the Ceremony highlighted that this steel cutting ceremony of PAK NAVY’s Two Warship is yet another manifestation of all-weather strategic partnership between PAKISTAN and CHINA.

The Chief Guest also appreciates and lauded the professionalism, commitment and dedication of the CHINA Shipbuilding Trading Company (CSTC) for this high priority Defense Project. Reportedly, PAKISTAN will get the deliveries of all the frigates by the year of 2021.

Senior Level officials from PAKISTAN NAVY and CHINA Hudong Zonghua Shipyard and CHINA Shipbuilding Trading Company (CSTC) also attended the prestigious steel-cutting ceremony.

It is important to mention that the Type 054A Warship is CHINA’s State of the Art and Lethal Warship equipped with Modern Weaponry, Armament and control systems.

The total weight of the Type 054A Frigate is massive 4,000 Tonnes and it has a total length up to 130 meters in total. The Type 054A Frigate is equipped with the modern Anti-Air, Surface and Sub Surface Weapons and Armaments, including detection sensors.

The Type 054A Frigate uses the state of the art Surface to Air Missile System called HQ-16 and the distinctive feature of the Type 054A Frigate is its Vertical Launch System or VLS.

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Those who are not familiar with the Vertical Launch System or VLS is that in this system are the Missiles of the Warship are covertly buried in the Ship’s Deck to store and fire different Surface, Sub Surface and Anti-Air Missiles, if needed.

The Type 054A Frigate ship will be equipped with the 32 Cell Vertical Launch System (VLS) developed by the Luoyang Electro-Optics Technology Development Centre (EOTDC). 

The Launching Silos of all the missiles are hiding in such a way that it cannot be seen or detect by any other ship from outside.

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Furthermore, the VLS system also allows the launching of multiple missiles one by one or all the 32 Missiles can be fired simultaneously at a designated target.

PAK NAVY Type 054A Frigates
PAK NAVY Type 054A Frigates

As far as the Countermeasures of the Type 054A Frigate is concerned; the Warship is equipped with the two 18-Tube Multiple Rocket Launchers that are fully capable of firing chaffs/decoys to puzzle and surprise incoming enemy missiles.

The warship is also equipped with the several electronic Warfare Systems, include the HZ-100 Electronic Counter Measures (ECM), Type 922-1 Radar Warning Receiver and Electronic Support Measures (ESM).

As far as the tracking capabilities of the Type 054A Frigate is concerned; the Type 054A Frigate will be equipped with the revolutionary SR2410C three-coordinate radar.

The SR2410C Radar uses a phased array system and it does not affect the frequency and beam pointing, so it also significantly boosts the electronic countermeasure capability of the Warship.

The Type 054A Frigate will also be housed the lethal 76mm Gun and the 9EC Helicopter equipped with Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Capabilities.

The Type 054A Frigate will be powered by the Powerful PA6V-280 STC Combined Diesel Propulsion and Diesel Engines. Each diesel engine provides the total sustained power of 6,330hp or 4,720kW and all the engines provide the maximum output of 25,320hp or 18,880kW in total.

As far as the Anti-Ship Weapon is concerned; PAKISTAN NAVY has already completed the successful tests for its state of the art Harba Supersonic Cruise Missiles, which analysts are claiming that can compete with india’s BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile.

The ship has a maximum speed of 27kt and it has a maximum range more than 8,000 nautical miles (nmi) in total.

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According to the Top Defense Analysts, the Type 054A Frigate would be the technologically most advanced and largest platform of PAKISTAN NAVY, which will help to significantly boost the Defensive Capability of PAKISTAN against its coward arch enemy india. Moreover, the Type 054A Frigate will also help PAKISTAN NAVY to swiftly and efficiently respond to future challenges and maintain balance of power and stability in the highly contested Indian Ocean.

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