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Rafale Jets Rejected By World And Crown of indian air force:

Much has been said after indian air force gets the delivery or Rafale Jets. Soon after getting the delivery, both the indian air force and indian media go hysterical, rabid and paranoid to show off that they actually got very superior jets.

rafale jet
indian rafale jet

In fact, the indian government, indian air force and indian media have boasted in a way that they actually won a two-front war against PAKISTAN and CHINA, which cannot be possible even in the farthest illusions of indians in general and indian air force in particular.

While, indian media and indian air force is busy celebrating the Rafale Jets, different Top Military Experts raised serious questions on the ability of the French-made Rafale Jets against the Block I and Block-II of JF-17 Thunder.

Earlier on Feb 27, the Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE have clearly destroyed indian 2 fighter jets, including SU-30MKI and MiG-21 Bison and humiliated the entire indian nation and indian air force in front of the whole world. At that that PAKISTAN AIR FORCE only used the Block I and Block-II variant of JF-17 Thunder Jets.

By destroying indian jets, respect and ego, PAKISTAN has given a clear message to the world that they are 24/7, 365 days a year, ready, equipped and armed to defend its Sacred Air Frontiers.

Top Defense Experts have raised questions in Rafale that if Rafale Jet is so superior, as the indians are claiming and celebrating their arrival, then why this jet failed to even compete in the International Arms market and why this jet got dumped by a majority of countries across the globe.

French-made Dassault Rafale is considered as the most expensive fighter aircraft in the international arms market. india made a total deal of more than Rs. 60,000 crores for 36 jets, foolish isn’t it?

Top Defense Analysts claim that such high price of Rafale Jet is the clearest proof of incompetent and insufficiency of the indian defense sector. It is due to the high price that Rafale Jet has not benefitted from economies of scale.

india initially issued the tender to acquire 126 jets in its arsenal, but later the country trimmed the order to just 36 jets, because of the terrible economic condition.

Why World Rejected French Dassault Rafale Jets indian Boasted about?

Despite the boasting by the indian forces, indian government and indian air force, the French jets didn’t get many buyers across the world and in fact, it is one of the jets that has been rejected more than once due to its pathetic and mediocre performance.

There are only three countries apart from France, which are using the Rafale Jets, including Egypt, Qatar and india.

The most humiliated part is that the indian media is boasting the arrival the Rafale Jet as the indication to show the might of indian air force to both CHINA and PAKISTAN.

Top Russian Defense Experts have negated the indian claim and said that Rafale is an underperforming aircraft and these jets are pieces of garbage against the CHINESE PLAAF and PAKISTAN AIR FORCE.

The maximum speed of the Rafale Jet is up to 1.80 Mach despite of being powered by twin engines. On the other hand, the maximum speed of CHINESE J-16 Jet aka SU-35s is Mach 2.2. Furthermore, the engine thrust of the Rafale Jet is much pathetic and underperforming against the J-16 Jets.

Defense Experts claimed that if indian air force deployed all the 36 Rafale Jet near CHINA border, then the technical superiority would still be on the side of CHINA.

Defense Analysts believed that there are many factors that are responsible to stop Rafale being the air superiority Jets, including its very very high price and an unspecialized airframe.

It clearly means that all countries seeking to buy heavy fighter Jet have either to opt between Russian Su-35 or F-15 jet.

Earlier in 2000, both Singapore and South Korea both rejected Rafale Jets due to its mediocre performance and selected the F-15. Egypt bought 24 Rafale Jets back in 2015 under an arms agreement with France back in 2015.

Professor of Peace and Conflict Research, UNESCO Chair of International Water Cooperation, ashok swain said, “indian media is celebrating the arrival of five Rafales as if they won a war against CHINA. If Rafale is so good, why Oman, Korea, Singapore, Libya, Kuwait, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, UAE, Switzerland, Malaysia refused to buy it. Besides India, only Qatar & Egypt have bought it.”

Alex Philip said, “Merely having a large standing Army or an Air Force with aircraft flying on an extended lease of life and without much use against modern weaponry of the enemy, cannot be India’s answer.”

Did indian Get Used Rafale Jet In The Price Of New Jet?

Another mystery that shrouded the acquisition of Rafale Jets is that one of the Rafale Jet recently arrived from France clearly indicate the poor paint job on different parts of the aircraft.

It clearly implies that the France has revived the Rafale Jets for india from its scrap and these are not new.

Till now, the clear picture of one aircraft was visible, but we can get dozens of pictures in the coming days, which will add more proof that French have given the old and revived Rafale Jets to indian with a price tag of new ones.

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