indian cybersecurity chief Admits PAKISTAN ARMY and DG ISPR Has Outclassed the Narrative Warfare Against filthy india:

The head of indian cybersecurity lt general (retd) rajesh pant has heaped praise on PAKISTAN ARMY and PAKISTAN ARMY’s Media Wing ISPR and the Current Head of Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor by saying, “they [PAKISTAN] have got their act together in information warfare against filthy india.

The head of indian cybersecurity lt. gen(r) rajesh pant openly admits that PAKISTAN ARMY and DG ISPR has defeated the filthy india on Narrative Warfare over indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir. rajesh pant credits the DG ISPR for its unified approach against the filthy india.

“The coward and filthy indian armed forces have their own public relations wing and they all are going in different ways than one another,” lt. gen(r) rajesh pant further said.

“When are we going to have our own equivalent of the DG ISPR because the (filthy indian armed forces) services have their own PRs and they are going in different ways. Somebody at the national level now has to look at the narrative warfare and how to implement it in various domains,” rajesh pant further added.

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The head of indian cybersecurity rajesh pant openly conceded the defeat of filthy india by saying that DG ISPR message regarding the grave humiliation rights violation and barbaric acts of filthy indian forces against unarmed KASHMIRI’s is being heard across the globe.

“When they (DG ISPR) conduct narrative warfare, let’s say in the case of Kashmir, the message they send to Europe is that human rights are being infringed… while when they engage with Islamic nations they tell them that ISLAM is under threat … and they tell Southeast Asia that there is a regional instability,” the head of indian cybersecurity lt. general(r) told the audience while having tears in eyes.

It is worth mention that a number of indian defense analysts heaped praise on the Efficiency, Capability, Capacity of PAKISTAN ARMY’s Media Wing Inter-Services Public Relations and its Head Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor after the humiliating defeat in the eve of Surprise Day on February 27th, 2019. In which, the Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE destroyed two indian star jets in aerial combat, as SU-30MKI and MiG-29. PAKISTANI FORCES also managed to capture one coward indian pilot alive named as ‘ABHI NONE DONE’, which was released days after enjoying the ‘Tea Hospitality’ in PAKISTAN.


Now, PAKISTAN ARMY ISPR and DG ISPR has become another and even bigger obsession for the coward and filthy indian security forces after PAKISTAN’s feared and Premier Intelligence Agency INTER SERVICES INTELLIGENCE (ISI).

Previously, another retired indian general also praised the Inter-Services Public Relations by employing ‘Outstanding Strategy’ in the domain of 5th Generation Hybrid Asymmetrical Warfare and he also openly admits the defeat of india in the warfare narrative domain. During the occasion, the former indian general also warned the filthy indian government about the present and future threat poses by PAKISTAN ARMY INTER-SERVICES PUBLIC RELATIONS (ISPR).

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