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PAKISTAN ARMY Ranked 15th Most Powerful ARMY in the World:

According to the rankings of military strength released by the Global Firepower for the year of 2019, PAKISTAN ARMY has now ranked the 15th most powerful military with massive military power in the world

PAKISTAN ARMY Ranked 15th Most Powerful ARMY in the World

The Global Firepower has gathered the data of massive 137 countries by comparing several factors, which affect the war fighting capability of the country’s Army.

It is important to mention that the Military Strength ranking of PAKISTAN ARMY has significantly improved. Last year, PAKISTAN ARMY ranked 17th most powerful military in the world and in this year, the ranking goes up 2 points further.

The Global Firepower (GFP) Rankings are based on each country’s ability to fight on land, sea and air with conventional weapons. There are about 55 different factors, which accounted the rankings of Global Firepower (GFP).  

Some of the factors are Geography, manpower, population, economy, weapons and so on. It is important to mention that all the Nuclear-armed countries are awarded with special bonus points, however the total number of nuclear warheads does not account in the final score of GFP.

Those countries that have large naval fleets, but lack in diversification are penalized. The 55 different factors accounted for the final results helps to allow the technological most advanced nations to compete with other underdeveloped countries.

The ideal Global Firepower Index is 0.0000, which is very hard for any country to achieve in reality. However, the country closer to this ideal point would have more powerful military than the other country. The Global Firepower index (GFP) of PAKISTAN ARMY is 0.2798, while US has 0.0615.

PAKISTAN ARMY Global Fire Power Index (GFP):

According to the 2019 Report of Global Firepower Index, PAKISTAN ARMY has an estimated strength of 1,204,000 military personnel. PAKISTAN has ranked impressively on the 7th number out of 137 for its potent Air Defense Forces.

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PAKISTAN has a total number of 1342 Aircrafts and 348 State of the Art Fighter Aircrafts. PAKISTAN NAVAL FORCES are equipped with a total number of 197 Naval Assets. Surprisingly, the country manages to maintain the most battle hardened army in the world with a defense budget of just 7 Billion US Dollars.

Achievements in International Military Competitions:

PAKISTAN ARMY enjoys the status of the most rapidly developed military across the world, which is equipped with the modern technology warfare equipment.

PAKISTAN ARMY has a tradition to not only participate in the different military competitions, but the country’s Military also clinched the 1st Position in some of the World’s toughest military competitions in far flung area across the globe.

Recently, PAKISTAN ARMY won an International Military Competition in the UK, commonly known as the Pace Sticking Competition. The Pace Sticking Competition was held at the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst in UK.

PAKISTAN ARMY clinched the 1st Position in the tournament by beating all the countries participating in the tournament. This is the second consecutive win for the PAKISTAN ARMY after winning the 2018 competition.

Earlier, PAKISTAN ARMY clinched the Gold Medal in Cambrian Patrol Competition held in the UK.

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The Cambrian Patrol Competition is known as the world’s toughest military competition in the earth. PAKISTAN ARMY sent its soldiers from the Northern Light Infantry from Gilgit Baltistan Area of PAKISTAN.

As far as the UN Missions are concerned; PAKISTAN is the only country in the world, who has contributed the highest number of Soldiers in UN mission than any other country in the world.

The Brave and Valiant Soldiers of PAKISTAN ARMY performing duty in different war-torn areas of the world and they have also sacrificed the lives of Soldiers in over 70 different UN Peace missions across the globe.

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