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india Enjoys Aircraft Crash Party As Another iaf Mirage 2000 Crashed Due To Routine ‘Technical Glitch’:

The incompetent indian air force, which is known worldwide for its incompetence and unprofessionalism is in the headlines again, as another Mirage 2000 Aircraft of indian air force crashed in the Bhind district due to the routine β€˜Technical Glitch.’

The ill-fated indian air force Mirage 2000 fighter jet, almost all the fighter jet of indian air force are ill-fated, crashed early Thursday morning, while the pilot of the ill-fated indian air force fighter jet managed to save his life to try his luck for another indian fighter jet.

The visuals show that the crashed indian Mirage 2000 aircraft burst into a huge ball of fire and pieces of aircraft scatted in the empty field in mankabad, which is roughly 6 KM from Bhind district.

β€œAn IAF Mirage 2000 aircraft experienced a technical malfunction during a training sortie in the central sector this morning. The pilot ejected safely. An Inquiry has been ordered to ascertain the cause of the accident,” unprofessional and incompetent indian air force spokesperson used the old rhetoric.

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The tail of the ill-fated indian air force mirage 2000 fighter jet is seen buried in the field that depicts the true professionalism, respect and honor of the indian air force.

The incompetent and unprofessional indian air force has topped the list of jet aircraft in the entire world. The indian air force has nearly crashed all the fighter jet in its inventory, including Mig-21 Bison, SU-30MKI, SU-30 Naval Variant, Mi-17 and so on.

Now, the eyes of the world are on the new squadron of rafale that indian acquired recently. Sooner than later, the news of the indian rafale crash would also be surfaced on the international media.

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