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Humiliations for Coward indian forces as Another Coward indian Pilot Burnt Alive As MiG-29K Crashed in goa:

The coward indian security forces braces more humiliation as usual as another coward indian pilot burnt alive as MiG-29K jet crashed in the Arabian Sea off the goa cost, the coward indian spokesman said with gloomy eyes.

People gathered at the crashed Site of MiG 29

According to the gloomy indian navy spokesperson, the navy variant of indian MiG-29K was crashed in the Arabian sea off goa cost while conducting sortie. The coward pilot of the aircraft met his painful and humiliated destiny as his charred body has been recovered from the accident site.

According to the gloomy eyes Navy Spokesperson, the indian MiG-29K was crashed due to ‘Unforeseen Technical Snag’ due to which the aircraft crashed, which result in the painful death of the pilot. The ill-fated MiG-29K was flown from the southern base in goa.

This is the second crash of indian MiG-29K aircraft in the past three months alone, as the last aircraft was crashed outside a village in goa back in November, 2019.

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The coward indian navy claimed that the Aircraft engine caught fire due to bird hit, a rhetoric which the coward indian navy frequently uses in order to avoid embarrassment, but every time it failed miserably.

The indian air force is perhaps the only coward air force of the world, which has perfected the art of aircraft crashing. The coward indian air force pilots have crashed a total of 20 aircrafts in the past one year alone, which consists of SU-30MKI, MiG-29K, MiG-21, Antonov 21, Jaguar and so on.

Top Defense Analysts are suggesting that if someone gave Moon to the coward indians, then they will also crashed the moon in a one or two month maximum.


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