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FIA Detects Transfer of Billion of Rupees From india to gulalai ismail’s Account:

A new scandal of foreign funding of PTM has unearthed as PTM’s leader Gulalai has received millions and billions from india for subversion activities against Great PAKISTAN.

filthy gulalai ismael against GREAT ISLAM RELIGION
Reality of and Swine PTM’s gulalai ismail

india, which is commonly known as the Rape Capital and Terror Factory of the World, has sent billions to the swine ptm leader gulalai ismail. The latest scandal of funds transfer from india is unearthed by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

The  swine PTM leader gulalai ismail had received millions and billions of rupees from india and other countries to continue the subversion activity against Great PAKISTAN. The Terror Factory of the World india has used the channels of secret bank accounts which were detected by PAKISTAN’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

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The Shocking revelations further revealed that not only gulalai ismail received financial aid from hostile countries, but her swine parents were also involved in this heinous and treacherous activity. Her mother azalfat ismail and father ismail also received the funds and booked under the charges of Anti-Terrorism Act 1997, (ATA-1997), money laundering, financial assistance to anti-state elements and terror outfit in the country.

Swine gulalai FIR
FIR Lodged against Swine PTM’s gulalai ismail

The PTM leader gulalai ismail had earlier booked by the Islamabad Police and FIR registered against her under the section of 6/7 of Anti-Terrorism Act 1997, 124-A (Sedition) of the PAKISTAN Penal Code, Section 500 (Punishment for Defamation) and Section 153-A (Promoting enmity between different groups, etc.)

The shocking revelation further revealed that the PTM leader gulalai ismail and her parents had been working against the country with fake welfare organizations and fake welfare works.

PAKISTAN’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had received a credible report about the suspicious anti-state activity of several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) namely Seeds of Peace Network and Aware Girls.

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Filthy gulalai ismael
Reality of gulalai ismail’s NGO named Aware Girls

Both the NGO’s were running by the and swine PTM leader gulalai ismail as a Chairperson to spread anarchy in the country. FIA had detected transfer of huge amounts of money into the account of gulalai ismail that was being used for subversion and anarchy in the country by creating serious law and order situation through different means.

reality of filthy gulalai ismael
Real Face and character of PTM’s gulalai ismail

The india reportedly has also sent money to both the anti-state organizations through different means and the money was sent directly to the gulalai ismail’s secret account, which was detected by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

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