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PAKISTAN is Acquiring 36 Mirage V Fighter Jets As A Countermeasure Against indians Rafale Jets:

In an interesting and wise move, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE is expected to finalize the deal to purchase up to 36 Mirage V Fighter Jets from its brotherly country Egypt.

Mirage Fighter of PAF
PAKISTAN Mirage Aircraft

Both the friendly counties were negotiating the deal for quite some time and now the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has given the green light to buy the fighter jets to strengthen its existing squadron of Mirage V Fighter Jets.

Furthermore, the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE will also upgrade the Mirage V Fighter Jets before using them for operation. PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has a lot of experience in upgrading and maintaining different Generation of Mirage Fighter Jets.

All the 36 Mirage V Fighter Jets that PAKISTAN is purchasing from Egypt possesses night strike capability, helmet-mounted display (HMD) and mission pods.

In the Past, PAKISTAN has upgraded dozens of Mirage III and Mirage V’s fighter jets with advanced avionics, electronics and state of the art Italian Radar.

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All the upgradation and modernization of Mirage Fighter Jets were completed at the PAKISTAN’s Mirage Rebuild Factory, which was established by PAKISTAN AIR FORCE dated back in 1978.

The Mirage V Fighter Jet is in question is a state of the art ground-attack variant of its younger brother Mirage-III. The Mirage V fighter jet is equipped with better armament options, better avionics and it has a greater space for fuel.

Moreover, PAF planned to further increase the capability and effectiveness of these Aircraft with the help of ‘special upgrading suites.’

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE is one of the few Air Forces of the world that is still using the old, but effective Mirage Fighter Jet Fleets and is using the jets for over last 5 decades.

Over the last 5 decades, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has purchased nearly 140-150 Mirage III and Mirage V fighter Jets from different countries.

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Top Defense Analysts are claiming that a PAKISTAN’s recent move of purchasing the Mirage Fighter Jets could be seen as an effective countermeasure against the French Rafale fighter jets.

PAKISTAN has a good track record of maintaining and flying different Mirage Fighter Jets over the decades and latest induction would also help to support and boost the PAKISTAN’s Air Power Capability against arch rival india.

The tension between the Nuclear-Armed Rivals in South Asia is once again at its top after the illegal and inhumane annexation of the disputed Kashmiri Territory by the coward indian government and coward indian forces.

new delhi is facing a harsh back lashing from different countries and organizations of the world for its illegal acts in indian occupied Kashmir.

The total lockdown in Kashmir has entered in 31 consecutive days and yet the coward indian security forces have failed miserably to control the flux of angry protesters in different parts of the indian occupied Kashmir (ioK).

On the other hand, the PAKISTAN MILITARY has vowed to ‘Go To Any Extent’ to support the oppressed Kashmiri Brethren. In a continuation of ‘Go To Any Extent’ Policy, PAKISTAN has deployed its forces and state of the art JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jets at forward operating base in Ladakh.

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PAKISTAN has also deployed the world renowned and most-feared Special Services Group (SSG) Commandos along the Line of Control (LoC) in bid to hunt down the coward indian security forces along the Line of Control (LoC).

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