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Kalbushan Endorses PAKISTAN’s Stance As He Was Working For RAW In PAKISTAN:

In a more recent chapter for the humiliation and embarrassment for india, the convicted indian monkey Kalbushan Yadav has clearly admitted in his confessional statement during the meeting with the deputy indian high commissioner that he was working for RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) and was involved in the different subversive and terrorist activities in PAKISTAN.

Kalbushan Death Sentence
Kalbushan Death Sentence

The indian monkey kalbushan Yadav, who was awarded the death penalty by the Honorable Military Court on charges of Terrorism and Espionage, openly admits that he was working for RAW and was sent by the senior indian state officers for terrorism and subversive activities in PAKISTAN.

However, the local people in PAKISTAN have criticized the Government decision to allow the Consular access to Kalbushan Yadav particularly at this crucial time when there is a threat of a full-scale war is there between PAKISTAN and india.

On Monday, PAKISTAN allowed the indian deputy high commissioner to meet the convicted indian monkey Kalbushan Yadav to meet in the PAKISTAN Foreign Office according to the light of the judgment given by the International Court of Justice (ICJ.

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Kalbushan Death Sentence Best
Kalbushan Death Sentence

PAKISTAN Foreign Office issued the statement, “Consular access was provided at 1200 hours and lasted for two (02) hours, in the presence of officials of the Government of PAKISTAN.

At indian request, there was no restriction on the language of communication. In order to ensure transparency and in line with standard operating procedures, and as conveyed to the Indian side in advance, the access was recorded.”

The further statement issued by the PAKISTAN Foreign Office clarified that convicted indian monkey Kalbushan Yadav decides to firmly stick to all his previous video and written confessional statements, which he made previously before the different respected PAKISTANI Authorities.

The current indian naval commander Kalbushan Yadav was the active RAW agent and he was arrested by the Brave and Valiant PAKISTANI Security Agencies back to March 2016 from the soil of Balochistan, PAKISTAN.

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It is important to mention that nearly all the indian civil and military leadership has given statements of indian infiltration in PAKISTAN’s Balochistan Province on different occasions.

Now, it’s not a myth anymore that the and coward indian government and indian security agencies are facilitating indian state sponsored terrorism inside PAKISTAN.

The and the coward indian government and indian security forces have done all their acts to spread anarchy and terrorism in PAKISTAN, but they have failed, humiliated and embarrassed miserably by the heroic deeds of PAKISTANI Security Agencies.

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