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War Fighting Would Become An Option By Compulsion If Not By Choice DG ISPR:

The MIGHTY PAKISTANI ARMY has categorically made it clear on Wednesday that if the world efforts and diplomatic efforts fails to resolve the recent atrocities and brutalities of coward indian security forces in Kashmir, then War Fighting Would Become an Option by Compulsion If Not By Choice.


The PAKISTAN ARMY Media Wing Head Director General Inter-Services Public Relations Major General Asif Ghafoor was addressing a press conference at the PAKISTAN ARMY’s General Headquarters.

DG ISPR further said that Our Founding Father QUAID E AZAM MOHAMMAD ALI JINNAH has termed KASHMIR as PAKISTAN’s Jugular vein and PAKISTAN want to settle the Kashmir issue peacefully as per the aspirations of the Brave and Valiant Kashmiris and the resolutions of the United Nations.

DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor further clarifies that PAKISTAN doesn’t want to put the global and reginal peace at risk. But, if all the diplomatic efforts yield no result, then full-scale War would eventually become an option by compulsion, if not by choice.

Director General Asif Ghafoor further said, “We are ready to fight till the last bullet, last soldier and last breath [for Kashmir’s freedom], and it is now up to india and the rest of the world to make a choice.”

Director General Asif Ghafoor said that the zionist, fascist and extremist mindset in india has put the regional and global peace at risk. Major General Asif Ghafoor Said that PAKISTAN had effectively responded to all the state-sponsored indian terrorism in the country with effective measures in the past twenty years.

To a question, the Director General Inter-Services Public Relation brushed aside the rumors that PAKISTAN wouldn’t accept Israel as an independent country and we wouldn’t start diplomatic relations with Israel.

All the rumors in this regard are part of the fifth-Generation warfare and are totally baseless and false, Major General Ghafoor further added.

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DG ISPR also rubbishes the rumors of any deal over Kashmir and said all these allegations are totally baseless and false. “How can you even consider that we will reach a deal on Kashmir. Any deal on Kashmir will be on our dead bodies. Our stance on Kashmir has remained unchanged for the last 72 years, why would it change now.” He added.

“The ARMED FORCES OF PAKISTAN are prepared to deal with any situation and india should know that wars are not just fought with weapons and economy, but skills, tactics and the determination to sacrifice are also required. The ARMED FORCES OF PAKISTAN possess those abilities.” Said Major Ghafoor.

Responding to a question, DG ISPR says that all Tri-Armed Forces of PAKISTAN have already taken the necessary steps and exercises to effectively respond to any aggression, but the details of such steps could not be disclosed due to security concerns.

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The most important press conference of DG ISPR comes at a time that the tensions between the two nuclear armed rivals at its peak after delhi revoked the Article 370 and illegally annexed the indian occupied Kashmir as a separate union. PAKISTAN has taken multi-steps in order to show firm solidarity with the Brave Kashmiri Brethren.

PAKISTAN has already downgraded the diplomatic ties and suspends all the road and rail links with the india over the illegal Kashmir move.

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