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First Ever Edition Of PAKISTAN And Morocco Joint Counter Terrorism 2021 Exercise Successfully Concludes At NCTC In Pabbi:

The first ever edition of Joint Counter Terrorism Exercise 2021 between the Special Operations Forces of PAKISTAN and Morocco successfully concludes at the National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC) in Pabbi, PAKISTAN ARMY Media Wing Head DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar said in an official statement.

According to the details released by the PAKISTAN ARMY Media Wing Head, the first ever edition of Special Operations Forces from Brotherly Country, PAKISTAN and Morocco, successfully concludes at NCTC in Pabbi.

According to the Inter-Services Public Relations, during the Bilateral Counter terrorism Exercise 2021, the Special Operations Forces of both the Brotherly Countries practice various drills, tactics and maneuvers in the exercise.

“Special Forces of Morocco and PAKISTAN practiced various drills involved in counter terrorism operations, including cordon and search, compound clearance, close quarter battle, fast roping, rappelling and combat medics,” DG ISPR said.

“The first-ever joint military exercise 2021 between PAKISTAN and Morocco concluded at the National Counter-Terrorism Center in Pabbi on Saturday,” DG ISPR said.

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“During the exercise, special forces of both countries practiced various drills including countering-terrorism maneuvers,” DG ISPR added in the press release.

The Joint Military Drills were aimed at enhancing the interoperability and mutual experience between both the Special Operations Forces by adopting and rehearsing the best Counter-Terrorism practices.

“The training was aimed at sharing mutual experience in the counter-terrorism domain, rehearsing and adopting best practices and enhancing cooperation between the two armies,” DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar said.

It is pertinent to mention that PAKISTAN-Russia joint Military Drills Druzhba-VI also successfully concludes at the Molkino Training Area in Russian Krasnodar Region.

“The two-week-long exercise (September 28 to October 9) was aimed at learning from mutual experience in the counter-terrorism domain with a view to learn and adopt best practices, said the PAKISTAN ARMY Media Wing Head DG ISPR.

The two-week exercise focused on the domain of counter-terrorism. Top senior Military Officials from PAKISTAN and Russia also participated in the drills.

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