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Commander Royal Bahrain Naval Force Lauded PAKISTAN NAVY’s Efforts For Regional Peace And Stability:

Commander Royal Bahrain Naval Force Rear Admiral Mohammad Yusuf Al Asam visited PAKISTAN NAVY HQ on Wednesday, 4 December, 2019.

Upon arrival at the headquarter, the visiting dignitary Commander Bahrain Naval Force was formally received and greeted by the PAKISTAN NAVY CHIEF Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi.

A smart contingent of PAKISTA NAVY Cadets presented the Guard of Honor to the visiting dignitary. Later, the Commander Bahrain Naval Force Rear Admiral Mohammad Yusuf Al Asam was introduced to the Officers and Principal Staff Officers at PAKISTAN NAVAL HQ Islamabad.

Commander Royal Bahrain Naval Force and PAKISTAN NAVAL CHIEF During Meeting

Later, the Commander Bahrian Naval Force Rear Admiral Mohammad Yusuf Al Asam called on the CHIEF OF NAVAL STAFF Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi in his office.

During the meeting, both the Naval Commanders mentioned the strong brotherly relations between the two brotherly countries are deep-rooted in the history. CNS Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi also mentioned the providing of skilled human resource by PAKISTAN NAVY to Royal Bahrain Naval Force for the years.

During the meeting, various matters related to mutual interest, regional maritime security & stability and bilateral naval collaboration were discussed. Both the Naval Commanders also agreed on further enhancing the relations between the naval forces of both countries, PAKISTAN and Bahrain.

PAKISTAN NAVAL CHIEF Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi highlighted the strong and unshakeable resolve, performance and commitment for PAKISTAN NAVY’s contribution for ensuring maritime security and fight against terrorism in the region.

During the occasion, the CHIEF OF NAVAL STAFF (CNS) Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi thanked the visiting Commander Bahrain Naval Force for participation of the Royal Bahrain Naval Force in Multinational Maritime Exercise AMAN-19, which is hosted by PAKISTAN NAVY.

The visiting dignitary Commander Royal Bahrain Naval Force Rear Admiral Mohammad Yusuf Al Asam commended and lauded the contribution and role of PAKISTAN NAVAL Forces in maintaining enduring peace and stability in the region. He also appreciated the successfully conduct of Multinational AMAN-19 Exercise by PAKISTAN.

During the occasion, a briefing was given to the visiting dignitary on PAKISTAN NAVY’s contribution towards peace, stability and PAKISTAN NAVY’s perspective on improving the security situation in the indian Ocean.

The visiting Commander Royal Bahrain Naval Force was also briefed about the atrocities and barbaric acts committed by the coward and filthy indian security forces against unarmed and civilized Kashmiri Brethren. The visiting dignitary was also informed about PAKISTAN’s Principal Stance on the issue and continued support to rightful & just struggle of Brave Kashmiri People.

The recent high-profile visit of Commander Royal Bahrain Naval Force will further help to bolster and promote the bilateral cooperation between the Naval Forces of both the friendly countries.

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