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PAKISTAN Iron Brother TURKEY To Unveil The Prototype Of Indigenous 5th Generation Fighter TF-X On 18th March 2023:

PAKISTAN Iron Brother TURKEY to unveil the first Prototype of its indigenous 5th Generation Fighter Jet TF-X National Combat Aircraft (NMU) on 18th March, 2023.

PAKISTAN Iron Brother TURKEY To Unveil The Prototype Of Indigenous 5th Generation Fighter TF-X On 18th March 2023-2
PAKISTAN Iron Brother TURKEY To Unveil The Prototype Of Indigenous 5th Generation Fighter TF-X On 18th March 2023-2

The General Manager of TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI), Temel Kotil is the contractor to develop the first-ever Indigenous 5th Generational Stealth Fighter Aircraft for the Sacred Country TURKEY.

The GM of TAI stated that the production process of TURKEY’s Indigenous 5th Generation Fighter Jet TF-X National Combat Aircraft (NMU) is on a positive track and the first Prototype of TURKEY’s Indigenous 5th Generation Stealth Fighter Aircraft TF-X, packed with modern hydraulic, avionics and weaponry, will be unveiled to the world on March 18, 2023.

There are total 20,000 parts that will be used in the TURKEY’s Next Generation Stealth Jet TF-X. The General Manager of TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) said that the production of all the parts will be completed by the end of 2022.

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“The most important part of the MMU is the titanium parts holding the engines. This is the most difficult part to manufacture. “However, the company has extensive experience and knowledge in such manufacturing,” General Manager of TAI Temel Kotil added.

Mr. Temel Kotil said that TURKEY will use a high-capacity ready-made engine to power its stealth fighter jet in the beginning.

He added that TURKEY’s Defense Giant TRMotor is working aggressively to develop the engine of the said aircraft, which will be integrated with the aircraft later.

The TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) has collaborated with a number of local and international defense firms for the Jet.

“We have Aselsan for avionics and computer hardware, we have Havelsan for software, TAI also has its software team,” GM of TURKISH TAI Mr. Temel Kotil said.

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He also added that TURKISH Defense Giant TAI, in collaboration with Altinay and a Ukrainian Defense Giant, will develop the actuators, which will help for the seamless movement of the control surfaces and wing of a fighter jet.

TURKISH Aerospace Giant TAI is also aggressively working to produce a transparent canopy surrounding the cockpit indigenously in TURKEY.

“There is a very effective radar in the nose of the plane. We gave this task to Aselsan, they are working on it. There are sensors on the plane, produced by both Aselsan and Havelsan,” Mr. Temel added.

As far as the avionics and the central computers of TAI is concerned; the Information Security Advanced Technologies Research Center’s (BILGEM) and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of TURKEY (TUBITAK).

Another TURKISH Defense Giant Pavotek, is also working to develop the central power distribution system of the fighter jet.

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The hangar of TURKEY’s indigenous 5th Generation Stealth Fighter Jet is expected to be completed this year.

Due to the sensitivity of the matter, the hangar proposed for the TF-X will be an isolated structure. The hangar of the TF-X will be packed with its own high-capacity power distribution system, high-calculation computers and communication infrastructure.

TURKISH Defense Giant TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) has also collaborated with the other Defense Firms to locally develop and produce the landing gear of the fighter jet capable of bearing the massive load of up to 60 Tons, which will be projected emerging force of the fighter jet during landings.

It is pertinent to mention that the TURKISH Next Generation Stealth Fighter Jet TF-X is a 5th Generation Fighter Jet bears more functionalities than the failed American F-35 stealth fighter jet.

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